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The NDGA has become an affiliate of, an arrangement in which the NDGA receives a small commission on any book that you purchase using one of the links on the following pages. If you click on the link at left, anything you purchase at after clicking will result in the NDGA receiving a small commission. Anything. Television set, bicycle, shoes, raincoat. Regardless of which way you do it, if you click through to Amazon, the NDGA's id is sent to them, and your purchase is credited toward our commission, but you must click through using either the above logo, or one of the book links. Each purchase helps the NDGA, and there is no additional cost to you. A winning arrangement!

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Books on Various Glassware Topics

Here is a large selection of books on glassware topics, any and all of which are good choices for your reference library. The NDGA does not endorse any particular author or publisher, and there certainly are books that are not listed here which may also be relevant. We have tried to provide a fairly extensive list of reference books for your consideration.

You can click on any of the links and be taken directly to for more detailed information on the book and the opportunity to purchase it. The best prices are shown under each book. Amazon often offers the lowest prices, and quite often you can select a used (but not abused) copy at a substantial discount. Any books that you purchase in this way will result in the NDGA receiving a commission, so your book purchases also go towards supporting the NDGA.

We have divided the books into sections as follows: