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Rainbow ReviewRainbow ReviewRainbow ReviewRainbow ReviewRainbow Review

Rainbow Review Glass Journal and Glass Review
Index to Articles

The Rainbow Review Glass Journal was one of the early publications that disseminated information about Depression era glassware (and, indeed, glassware from before and after the Depression era). After a number of years of Rainbow Review logo publication under the name Rainbow Review Glass Journal, in January 1978, the name of the magazine was shortened to Glass Review. Same publication, same publisher, just a new, shortened name. The National Depression Glass Association wishes to thank Barbara (Shaeffer) Smith, former Publisher of the Glass Review, for permission to place articles from old issues of her publication on the NDGA web site for preservation and for the use of our members.

You will notice that there are missing months - We do not have all of the back issues of this publication, and not all articles from each issue were converted to the web. Still, this collection of articles should prove a valuable resource for NDGA members and all glass collectors.

Many of these articles were written in the early 1970s, when there was a scarcity of information on any glass-related topics. Some of the information in these articles is now known to be inaccurate, but at the time the articles were written, few reference books or catalogs were available to researchers. As you read the articles, bear this in mind. We are fortunate today to have so many fine books available to study and to learn from. The articles in this section were done by the pioneers of Depression Glass collecting, and we proudly present the fruits of their research during those early years. Enjoy.

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Issue Date Author Title of Article
--- 1972 ---
February 1972 Sandy Stout Olander L. E. Smith Company
April 1972 Sandy Stout Olander D. C. Jenkins Glass Company
May 1972 Sandy Stout Olander Hazel Atlas Glass Company
June 1972 Sandy Stout Olander Sandwich Patterns
June 1972 Mildred E. Bourdon The Elusive Diamond H of Heisey Glass
September 1972 Sandra McPhee Stout The McKee Glass Company - Part I
October 1972 Sandra McPhee Stout The McKee Glass Company - Part II
--- 1973 ---
March 1973 Clarence W. Vogel Heisey Glass in the Depression Era
March 1973 Wanda Huffman Figure Flower Holder #509 - Two Kids
April 1973 Ben Shaeffer Imperial Reproductions of Heisey patterns
April 1973 Mary, Lyle and Lynn Welker Cambridge Glass Swans
May 1973 Frances Bones The Swirl Family
May 1973 Charles Upton The Everglades Pattern
May 1973 Jim Bridgham Pattern Glass
August 1973 Hazel Marie Weatherman Buyers Beware: Depression Glass 1973 Style
October 1973 Wanda Huffman The Blue Stallion of Paden City
October 1973 Glenita Stearns Collecting Caprice by Cambridge
October 1973 Virginia Scott Early Heisey Advertisements
November 1973 Sheila Zwirn Louis Comfort Tiffany
November 1973 Everett & Addie Miller New Martinsville Glass
December 1973 Virginia Scott Steuben Art Glass Advertisements
December 1973 Sheila Zwirn Steuben Glass Works
December 1973 Glenita Stearns Fostoria's "Buttercup" Pattern
December 1973 Wanda Huffman Mama Duck and Little Ducklings from Fostoria
December 1973 Orva Heissenbuttel Verlys Art Glass
--- 1974 ---
January 1974 Glenita Stearns Cambridge's Mount Vernon
January 1974 Russell & Kitty Umbraco Iridescent Stretch Glass
January 1974 Virginia Scott Fry Oven Glass
January 1974 National Depression Glass Journal Research Reveals More Cameo Patterns
January 1974 Sheila Zwirn English Cameo Glass
March 1974 Virginia Scott Fostoria "Complete Dinner Sets" Advertising
March 1974 Cambridge Glass Company The Making of a Glass Batch
April 1974 Virginia Scott The 15 Most Popular Patterns of 1942
May 1974 Jabe Tarter Black Glass
May 1974 Virginia Scott Cambridge Rosepoint
June 1974 Virginia Scott Duncan & Miller's Teardrop
June 1974 Clarence W. Vogel Heisey's Early Stemware
June 1974 Glenita Stearns Surprise! It's Fostoria's Orchid
June 1974 Jabe Tarter Millersburg Glass Company 1910-1914
July 1974 Glenita Stearns Romanesque pattern
July 1974 Virginia Scott Imperial's Candlewick
July 1974 Clarence W. Vogel Heisey's Black Glass
August 1974 Virginia Scott Heisey's Crystolite
August 1974 Barbara Shaeffer Moderntone
September 1974 Jabe Tarter Mary Gregory
September 1974 Barbara Shaeffer The First National Depression Glass Conference
October 1974 Virginia Scott English Hobnail
October 1974 Glenita Stearns Fostoria Sunray and Glacier
November 1974 Virginia Scott Dorothy Thorpe and her "Ivy Leaves" pattern
November 1974 Glenita Stearns Duncan Diamond
November 1974 J. W. Courter New Lincoln Drape Lamps by Alladin
November 1974 E. L. Healy McLaughlin Glass Company - Los Angeles' own
December 1974 Bob Bloesser Della Robbia
December 1974 Glenita Stearns Fostoria's "Colony" Pattern
December 1974 Virginia Scott Libbey's "Waterford" Pattern
December 1974 Gwen Shumpert Kemple Glass
--- 1975 ---
January 1975 Virginia Scott Tiffin's "June Night" Pattern
February 1975 Virginia Scott Rock Sharpe Crystal
February 1975 Gwen Shumpert Is that Opalescent piece really Duncan?
Or could it really be made by Fostoria?
February 1975 Clarence W. Vogel Unmarked Heisey? Why Not?
February 1975 Orva Heissenbuttel Pairpoint Glass Company
February 1975 Jabe Tarter Mosser Glass Company
April 1975 Orva Heissenbuttel The History of American Glass
April 1975 Virginia Scott Duncan & Miller Swans
April 1975 Clarence W. Vogel Heisey Candlesticks
April 1975 Everett & Addie Miller New Martinsville's "Janice" Pattern
August 1975 Virginia Scott Heisey's "Old Williamsburg" Pattern
October 1975 Virginia Scott Fostoria's "SunRay" Pattern
November 1975 Virginia Scott Fostoria's "Repeal" Assortments
November 1975 Gwen Schumpert Two-Light Candlesticks
November 1975 Everett & Addie Miller Figurines of the New Martinsville Glass Company
November 1975 Orva Hiessenbuttel Ruby Stained Souvenir Glass
December 1975 Virginia Scott Duncan & Miller's "Sandwich" Pattern
December 1975 Glenita Stearns Della Robia for your Christmas table
--- 1976 ---
January 1976 Virginia Scott Westmoreland's "Princess Feather"
March 1976 Virginia Scott Anchor Hocking's "Sandwich" Pattern
June 1976 Virginia Scott Sandwich Patterns - Tiara Party Plan Line
July 1976 the E. Millers New Martinsville Etchings
July 1976 Glenita Stearns Miss America
August 1976 Glenita Stearns Jeanette Glass Company's "National" Pattern
August 1976 Virginia Scott Montgomery Ward's Sandwich Pattern
September 1976 Glenita Stearns Fostoria's "Sampler" Pattern
September 1976 Virginia Scott Anchor-Hocking's #1600 Line - "Bubble"
September 1976 Carl U. Fauster Bust of Mike Owens
September 1976 Mary Van Pelt Glass Covered Frog & Elephant items
November 1976 Gail Krause Teardrop and the Duncan Ensemble Plan
November 1976 Jim Bloesser Federal Glass items - Where are they?
December 1976 Virginia Scott Fostoria's "June" Pattern
December 1976 Gail Krause Duncan & Miller's "Canterbury" Pattern
December 1976 Grace Allison Mayflower Glass Works
--- 1977 ---
January 1977 Mary Van Pelt Fantastic Figurines from Reuben & Kenneth R. Haley
April 1977 Bob Bloesser Jeanette's "National" Pattern
May 1977 Joseph D. Lokay Westmoreland Glass Company
August 1977 Virginia Scott Fostoria's "Baroque" Pattern
November 1977 Orva Heissenbuttel Steuben Glass
November 1977 Mary Van Pelt Fantastic Figurines - Reuben Haley Designs
December 1977 Virginia Scott Imperial "Candlewick" Candleholders
--- 1978 ---
January 1978 Barbara Shaeffer Rainbow Review changes name to Glass Review
January 1978 Virginia Scott Imperial "Candlewick" Hurricane Lamps
January 1978 David & Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge "Nude" stem - 3011 Line
January 1978 Mary Van Pelt Fantastic Figurines
February 1978 David & Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge Decorated Nudes
February 1978 Barbara Shaeffer A Review of Reproductions & Reissues
February 1978 Leonard Padgett Removing the Diamond-H
March 1978 Virginia Scott Duncan and Miller's "Symphony"
March 1978 Hugh Buzzard Fostoria's Heirloom
March 1978 David & Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge Crystal Nude Items
May 1978 David & Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge Flower Blocks
May 1978 Roni Sionakides Fenton's Nymphs
June 1978 Virginia Scott Dunbar Glass
June 1978 David & Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge Bird Flower Frogs
July 1978 Gail Krause Duncan & Miller's Short-lived "Chartiers Division"
September 1978 Roni Sionakides J. Pressman's Akro
September 1978 Virginia Scott The Libbey Glass Company - Part 1
October 1978 Joy McFadden,
Frank & Vicki Wollenhaupt
Cambridge Japonica
October 1978 Virginia Scott The Libbey Glass Company - Part 2
November 1978 Virginia Scott The Libbey Glass Company - Part 3: The Libbey-Nash Series
--- 1979 ---
January 1979 Bettye Waher Chemistry of Glass
January 1979 Gail Krause Duncan's Milk Glass
January 1979 Virginia Scott Libbey Glass Company - Hostess Sets
February 1979 Roserita Ziegler Silver on Glass
February 1979 Virginia Scott Libbey Glass Company - Machine Made Stemware
February 1979 Orva Heissenbuttel Verlys of America
July 1979 Virginia Scott Heisey's "Waverly" Pattern
July 1979 Clarence W. Vogel Heisey Animals
August 1979 Betsy Brown Greentown Glass
September 1979 Virginia Scott Provincial by Imperial
September 1979 Gail Krause Radiance by Duncan & Miller
September 1979 Ann Kerr Fostoria Menagerie
October 1979 Dr. James S. Measell Greentown's Fabulous Dolphin
October 1979 Bill Heacock Perfection Manufacturing Co.
December 1979 Fred Bickenheuser Is it Fenton or Tiffin?
--- 1981 ---
February 1981 Virginia Scott Fire-King Ovenware
March 1981 Bill Webster Absinthe Stemware
May 1981 Virginia Scott Viking/New Martinsville "Prelude"
May 1981 Gail Krause Duncan & Miller's "Nautical"
June 1981 Glenita Stearns Miss America
June 1981 Bob O'Grady & Tom Felt Heisey Candelabra
September 1981 Steve Jennings 1930 Census of 50 West Virginia Glasshouses
October 1981 Jerry Barnett Paden City Glass Manufacturing Company
October 1981 Glenita Stearns Dogwood and Thistle
October 1981 Virginia Scott Westmoreland's Thousand Eye
November 1981 Fred Bickenheuser "Fontaine" on Twilite
December 1981 Virginia Scott Harmony House Crocheted Crystal
December 1981 Bettye Waher Engraving and Cutting Glass
--- 1982 ---
January 1982 Virginia Scott "Leaf Fantasy" by Harmony House
January 1982 Gail Krause Duncan's Diamond Pattern
January 1982 Roserita Ziegler Fostoria's "Our American States"
March 1982 Phyllis Smith Cambridge Daffodil
March 1982 Virginia Scott Sears Crystal Glassware - 1928
April 1982 Virginia Scott Sears Colored Glassware - 1928
May 1982 Virginia Scott Sears Glassware - 1929-1931
May 1982 Phyllis Smith Cambridge's Arcadia
July/August 1982 American Glassware Association The History of Glass
October 1982 Virginia Scott Colored Candlewick: Part I
October 1982 Barbara Shaeffer Those Morgantown Maidens
November 1982 Virginia Scott Colored Candlewick: Part II
December 1982 Virginia Scott Colored Candlewick: Part III
December 1982 Gwen Shumpert Cambridge by Imperial Glass Company
--- 1983 ---
January/February 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part I - Gold Decorations
January/February 1983 Bill Smith Duncan Rock Crystal Cuttings
March 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part II - More Gold Decorations
March 1983 Phyllis Smith Cambridge's Caprice
April 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part III - Red Flashing & Beading
May 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part IV - Hand Cutting
June 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part V - More Cuttings
July/August 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part VI - Miscellaneous Decorations
September 1983 Virginia Scott Decorated Candlewick - Part VII - Miscellaneous Decorations
September 1983 Phyllis Smith Farber Brothers Inserts by Cambridge
November 1983 Gail Krause Duncan's "Chantilly"
November 1983 Virginia Scott Heisey "Puritan" items
December 1983 Phyllis Smith Cambridge Square
December 1983 Milbra Long Seven Black Glass Heisey Animals
--- 1985 ---
January 1985 Louise Ream Heisey's Satellite (#1632) and Lodestar (#1632)
January 1985 Virginia Scott More on Colored Candlewick
January 1985 Barbara Shaeffer Erickson Glass 1943-1961
February 1985 Barbara Shaeffer Westmoreland Glass Company
February 1985 Ferrell J. Rice Fenton's "Barber Collection"
February 1985 Glenita Stearns Fostoria Sun-Ray and Glacier
April 1985 Jerry D. Garrett Greentown Smoker's Set
April 1985 Sue Cross (Associated Press) Tiffin: Blown-Crystal Factory now white elephant
July 1985 Fred Bickenheuser Duncan Glass made at Tiffin, OH
July 1985 Gwen Shumpert Fostoria's Animals
July 1985 Grace Allison Westmoreland's "Princess Feather"
September 1985 Virginia Scott Candlewick Patents
September 1985 Uni and Keith Marbutt Jade-ite
September 1985 H. C. Fry Glass Society Fry Glass
October 1985 Ferrell J. Rice Fenton's "Mosaic" Art Glass
October 1985 Uni and Keith Marbutt Jade-ite: McKee's Jades
October 1985 Virginia Scott Duncan's Sandwich
December 1985 Uni and Keith Marbutt Jade-ite: Westmoreland 's Mint Green
December 1985 Barbara Shaeffer A Brief History of Tiffin Glass Co.
--- 1986 ---
February 1986 Uni and Keith Marbutt Jade-ite: Fenton's #1700 Lincoln Inn Pattern
February 1986 Virginia Scott Imperial's Milk Glass
February 1986 William Heacock Ruba Rombic
March 1986 Uni and Keith Marbutt Jade-ite: Lions in Glass
April 1986 Virginia Scott Candlewick in Milk Glass
April 1986 Barbara Shaeffer Fostoria Factory Closes !
June 1986 Grace Allison Westmoreland's English Hobnail
July 1986 Gwen Shumpert America's Symbol: the Eagle
August 1986 Ferrill J. Rice Fenton Art Glass
September 1986 Ferrill J. Rice Fenton's Robert Barber Collection
November 1986 Barbara Shaeffer Glass Turkeys by L.G. Wright
November 1986 Louise Ream Heisey Etchings
December 1986 Mark Nye Cambridge Candlelight
December 1986 Grace Allison Westmoreland's Thousand Eye
December 1986 Mark Nye Cambridge Patterns - Date of Introduction
--- 1987 ---
January 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Chantilly
February 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Roselyn
March 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Betty - The Mystery Etching
April 1987 Grace Allison Kemple Covered Animal Dishes
April 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Blossom Time
May 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Daffodil
July 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Gloria
September 1987 Mark Nye Cambridge Portia
September 1987 Gail Krause Duncan & Miller's Waterford